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I hope you enjoyed browsing my work and that it has inspired you to choose a commissioned piece for your home or garden. 

My ceramic pieces are made from stoneware clay by the press moulding technique. This original shape is then combined with extensive bespoke modelling to create and enhance the unique design. Once dry each piece is then glazed in the desired finish and fired to1240° or higher, this is the process which ensures each piece can withstand all weathers and remain outside year round.

The bronze resin pieces I create are made of bronze powder mixed with resin and a catalyst to produce a solid, durable and frost resistant material. The desired finish on each is a surface patination applied using specialised chemicals reacting with the bronze to create a variety of stunning effects. 

Each piece I make is entirely tailored to you. With so many choices to consider I thought a quick check list to narrow down your specifics may help: 

Where in your home or garden do you want to place your piece?

What material would you prefer? Ceramic or Bronze Resin?

What desired effect are you looking to achieve?

Do you prefer a water feature or decorative piece?

What water effect are you looking for? Subtle movement or fountain effect?

Will the piece be wall hung, free standing or plinth/pedestal mounted?

Once you have a few thoughts please do call me to chat over your ideas or drop me line, I’d be delighted to give any additional advice and help.  I am equally happy to make socially distanced site visits when necessary to answer all questions as well as talk you through the installation process for any site you have in mind. Equally why not simply send me pictures and site plans for ideas and suggestions then we can chat over your project together.

Order times are usually 10 – 12 weeks with delivery anywhere in the country and shipment to anywhere in the world.

Please use the contact form or give me a ring
I look forward to talking to you.

2022 price list

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