I hope you enjoy the experience of choosing a piece of work that is made from start to finish just for you.

Choosing a feature for your garden is a personal process and requires a number of considerations such as placement, desired effect, water sound and installation requirements.

I am always happy to answer any question so please contact me and we can run through the options, colours, siting and the process of installation.

I can make site visits when necessary, and pictures and site plans always help me to advise you.

Choosing which material you would prefer.
Ceramic – Using the press moulding technique, and combined with extensive modelling I recreate the piece from moulds created from the original.
When dry the feature is glazed and fired to 1240 degrees or higher so ensuring that it can remain outside all year round.
I work with a stoneware clay and am happy to discuss variations of glaze.

Bronze resin - is made of bronze powder mixed with resin and a catalyst to make a solid, durable and frost resistant material. The surface patination is applied, using various chemicals that react with the bronze.
Your feature may need topping up with water in hot or windy weather and should you need to clean it a soft sponge with warm soapy water works well
Order times are usually 10 – 12 weeks.
I can arrange delivery anywhere in the country and shipment to anywhere in the world.


Please use the contact form or give me a ring
I look forward to talking to you.

Lucy Smith

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