This picture shows the marble green glaze frog family
large 49 x 61cm
medium 34 x 39

small 28 x 28cm

A fuller description and the inspiration for each piece i.e.  My first medium I fell in love with back in my early days and I just cant resist the striking textural element of resin etc etc ….The pictured installation of 15 fish measures aprox 3 metres. 

A fuller description and the inspiration for each piece i.e.  

A few close ups or pictures of different glazes, different angles or videos of you installing that piece if you have any.

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Small description here:  close up of centre frog


Small description here: close up of right frog


Small description here: close up of left frog

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What colours/finishes does this piece come in?

You can list all the glazes and show a little sample picture here if you like. Put a sentence about how the glazes are just for reference they are never exactly the same and why that is.

How long will it take?

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How to Order

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What material is this available in?

Ceramic – Using the press moulding technique, and combined with extensive modelling I recreate the piece from moulds created from the original.
When dry the feature is glazed and fired to 1240 degrees or higher so ensuring that it can remain outside all year round.
I work with a stoneware clay and am happy to discuss variations of glaze.
If it is also available in bonze resin you could put a sentence to say: this is also available in bronze resin for details please visit the bronze resin page (linking ot the specific page)


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